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Facial Implants Create a More Symmetrical Face

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When someone believes that their face is not symmetrical, they have an answer. Facial implants will be used in order to improve the balance of a person’s facial features. The facial implants will be specifically designed for chin augmentation as well as cheek augmentation. There are many shapes, sizes, and types of implants that are available from various manufacturers using a variety of materials. Two of the most commonly used materials include Gortex and Silastic best Chin Implant near me.

The implantation of a chin implant will take place through an incision that is approximately 3/4 of an inch long on the under side of a person’s chin. A pocket will then be created over the bone for the implant. The appropriate sized chin implant will then be placed inside this newly created pocket. Once the implant is in the proper position, the skin will be closed with sutures. Usually there is some swelling and bruising around the chin area for roughly a week up to ten days following this cosmetic surgery procedure.

The implantation of a cheek implant will take place through an incision created by the plastic surgeon placed inside the mouth just above the patient’s front teeth. He or she will then create a pocket under the upper lip. The correct sized cheek implants will then be placed inside each of these pockets. Once they have been positioned, the skin will be closed with dissolvable sutures, which will fall out in roughly five to six days. After the cheek implants have been properly placed, it is rare that they will move or migrate. Swelling in the cheeks will last from two to three weeks; however, some mild residual swelling may take place up to two to three months after the procedure takes place.

Another plastic surgery procedure that will help create a more symmetrical face is ear pinning or otoplasty. Some people will be born with prominent ears that will tend to stick out from the sides of their head. Many times this will occur because the folds in the cartilage of the ears have not developed properly. This surgery will be performed to correct this asymmetry. Many adults will wear their hair longer in order to cover up their prominent ears. Also, many women will refuse to wear their hair up because of their prominent ears.

This plastic surgery procedure will take around one hour to perform. The technique that is used will usually be an incision that is about an inch and a half long in the crease behind the ear where the cartilage is exposed. The fold will be re-created if this is needed, and the cartilage will be secured to the back of the head. Precise measurements will be taken so that both ears will protrude from the head approximately twelve to fifteen mm after the surgery is finished. Both dissolvable and permanent sutures will be used in order to help maintain the new shape of the ears. The dissolvable sutures will likely fall out about a week after the surgery.