The Perfect Master Bathroom – Luxury Bathroom

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Add Some Color in your Master Bath

· The most common bathroom fixtures are usually in white. White tiles, white wall, white sinks and cabinet- they seem so blindingly pure. It is a known fact that color sets the mood and says everything about a room luxury living room.

· You can use some deep rich colored fixtures and tiles like green or calming blue to give off a feeling of serenity and relaxation, which is a total opposite of plain neutral white shades.

Soften It Up

· To provide a luxurious feeling in your bathroom, add some soft touches. Most bathrooms are adorned with plain white fixtures, therefore, they are also covered with hard surfaces, from wall to wall, ceiling to floor.

· Lush rugs as well as hand towels can create a soft lavish feel inside the master bath.

· Rather than use white and other neutral colored sink and cabinet, choose a classy marble pattern which can match up with the most expensive hotels you can find.

Fancy Fixtures and Faucets

· A luxurious master bath should have the latest trendy faucets, tubs and showers. A jetted bath tub can take the place of your boring bath tub.

· You can also purchase a spa pillow so you can have the optimum comforting soak.

· Change your fixed standing only shower to a detachable shower head. If you have enough budgets, opt for the multiple heads so you can have the most luxurious shower.

· There are new sink models using electronic faucets today. These innovative fixtures help in preventing water overflow to reduce the amount of water wasted while hand washing or brushing your teeth. There are also sink models in designer ceramic, marble and stone.

· A trendy toilet is another way of making your master bathroom luxurious one. There are models having automatic flush sensors, rear and front washing fixtures, air dryers, heated lids and seats, and deodorizer. If you’re considering of upgrading your toilet, purchase along a new toilet paper holder that has dark finish that adds to the inviting look of your bathroom.

Make it Warm and Comfy

· Most bathrooms are built with cold and hard tile floor. Apart from the luxurious rugs, you can also purchase a heated floor mat that you can position below your bathroom flooring to keep your toes and feet warm.